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  •     The Child Left Out in the Dark
  •     Pussy Sanitarium
  •     I Want to 1 Up the Gods
  •     I Wanna One Up the God Homie
  •     Death from Above
  •     Babysitting the Kids
  •      A Good Day In The Rat Race
  •     The End

To the left is some of the digital compilations that Cody McNeel created using sampled tracks, guitar and effect pedals, and a computer.  Below you will find multiple videos of him playing his own original music (minus maybe one or two of him playing songs he loves).  His talent is obvious right away watching him play.  Considering he has a family history revolving around music and the music scene that comes at no surprise to anyone  who knows Cody or his family on either side. His father once owned Soul City, a very popular club in Dallas.  His uncle has played with the likes of Seals & Croft and played iconic events such as California Jam, not to mention spending years as a studio musician and touring with numerous acts.  Needless to say, music was bound to run in Cody’s genes!.  

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