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WE sell poster prints, canvas prints, metal wall prints, apparel for all sizes, electronics accessories, purses, jewelry, home decor and more! If there is a print you want on an item and don't see it in the store let us know and we will be glad to remedy that for you!

We are an online gallery based in the DFW area of Texas.  We are looking to showcase local area creatives in a variety of genres but for the time being we only have artists and musicians. DallasTXArt is the type of site built for the little guy, for the person not able to break into the art world because they aren’t part of the “scene”.  So many talented people never get discovered because they aren’t part of the right group and yet many of them have skills that are equivalent to if not better than the best known artists around.  This site is a place for them to have a voice…a place to be seen and get noticed. 

We don’t discriminate against anyone for any reason.  If you have a gift of creativity then we have a spot for you on the site.  We will not post any material of any kind that could be considered overly offensive or hateful with intent of malice.

Our artists also do home and business wall murals.  We are also available for body painting, unique wedding design, party decorating, and the like for those who want something a bit different and one of a kind!  Contact us for more details if you want an affair to remember!  

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